Jodi Rollins

Founder | Owner | Professional Cleaner


Jodi is the Founder of F&J Affordable Cleaning Services. She brought the idea of starting F&J Cleaning Services to life in 2019 after realizing the many benefits a cleaning service could bring Families, Individuals, and Small Business Owners.

She is a full-time mom who is very compassionate about the amount of work and consistency it takes to maintain a clean household alongside an everyday busy schedule. She is personable and understanding when it comes to meeting Clients and determining their specific needs necessary to ensure a good service experience from the very beginning. Jodi is the face behind the Customer Service side as well as the one at cleanings!


Frankie Rollins

Co-Founder | Owner | Professional Cleaner


Frankie is the Co-Founder of F&J Affordable Cleaning Services. He established the company in 2019 with his Wife, Jodi, having the goal of providing an affordable and dependable Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service experience. He strives to offer consistency when it comes to satisfying his clients cleaning needs each and every cleaning. Frankie is very detail-oriented and efficient, on top of having a world class sense of humor! 


A combination of their skills and qualities make Jodi and Frankie the ultimate cleaning team! 


We are proud to be locally Owned and Operated making it possible for prompt response and service for your cleaning needs. 


" How many times have you wished the cleaning tasks of your Small Business or Home were already completed so that you could spend your time and energy elsewhere? "


Weight Off Your Shoulders! 

One Time Deep Clean? | Routine Cleaning? | We are here to help! 


F&J Affordable Cleaning Services specializes in Commercial and Residential Cleaning, including House Cleaning, Real Estate, Move-In & Move-Out Cleanings, and so much more! We currently offer services in the Mitchell & Tripp, South Dakota area.

What We Do

Helping Families Maintain Cleaner Homes & Businesses --One Professional

Cleaning At A Time


F&J Cleaning specializes in Residential & Commercial | Small Business cleaning offering a wide variety of cleaning packages, frequency options, including custom features/choices to ensure the Cleaning needs of every family can be met. We pride ourselves in offering affordable prices with cleaning(s) that best fit your schedule. You can also enjoy appreciation rewards with our Loyalty and Referral Programs!