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    Residential Cleaning

    Specializes and focuses on cleaning your home or other domestic dwellings.


    Standard | Deep Clean | Custom

    Choice of Frequency

    Commercial Cleaning

    Commercial & Small Office

    Including Real Estate, Move-In/Move-Out's | Customized to each Clients needs and budget.

    Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly | One-Time | Special Projects

    Event Cleaning

    Before Party Standard Clean | After Party Clean-Up

    Party Event Cleaning Service is offered for cleaning before and/or after a party event/celebration or special occasion.

    Move-In | Move-Out Cleaning

    Move-In / Move-Out Services

    Cleaning Service for Tenants and Landlords

    Move In Professional Cleaning allows you to sit back and enjoy your new property and the surroundings of the area without having to focus on the cleaning work in the first few weeks. | If you're a landlord aiming to impress potential new tenants with the cleanliness of your apartment units and/or home rentals, you can use this package to ensure the property is ready for presentation.

    One Time Cleaning

    One-Time Cleaning

    One-Time Only | No Recurring Services

    One-Time Deep Clean | Spring Cleaning | Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning | One-Time Service for Events or Celebrations

    Recurring Residential Cleaning

    Recurring Services

    Routine Cleaning Services | Weekly | Bi-Weekly - Every Two Weeks |Monthly - Every Four Weeks

    Choose A Regular, Seasonal, or Deep Cleaning for the initial Cleaning for recurring services to follow at selected frequency.

    Organizing Service

    Organize My Home Services

    - Organize any area of your home

    -Assist in creating systems

    We will help clear your minds by providing an organized home in a way that will work best for your family!


    Add On Cleaning Services

    Add On Services

    +Additional Tasks You Can Add To Any

    Cleaning For A Small Additional Price

    Interior Oven Cleaning

    Blind Cleaning

    Interior Refrigerator Cleaning

    Extra Services

    Other Cleaning Services Offered

    Garage and Basement Cleaning

    Decorating Service

    Organizing Services


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  • F&J Cleaning Family


    Hello! My name is Jodi Johnson-Founder and Owner of F&J Affordable Cleaning Services.

    As a mother to 3 children, all 6 years old and under, I know first hand how important it is

    to have and maintain - (that's the tricky part! ) -- a clean home.

    I also know that taking some necessary cleaning in our own hands; we get to

    assist with removing the stress and hassle off of YOUR hands --

    a single household, a residential family,

    a Business owner's hands, and for any and every type of home and Small Business.

    That is half of what drove me to begin this business- the other half?...


    I uniquely, honestly ENJOY cleaning!


    Jodi Johnson F&J Cleaning

    Jodi Johnson

    Founder | Owner | Professional Cleaner

    Hello! My name is Jodi and this is a little about myself and my family! =-The family behind it all.


    As a mother to 3 children, all 5 years old and under, I know first hand how easy it is to fall behind on cleaning tasks & how important it is to have a clean home- it takes a BIG load off a parent's and / or a small business's shoulders!


    That is half of what drove me to begin this business- the other half?

    I uniquely, honestly ENJOY cleaning!

    F&J Cleaning Family

    Weight Off Your Shoulders

    One Time Deep Clean? | Routine Cleaning? | We are here to help! 

    F&J Affordable Cleaning Services specializes in Commercial and Residential Cleaning, including House Cleaning, Real Estate, Move-In & Move-Out Cleanings, and so much more! We currently offer services in the Mitchell & Tripp, South Dakota area.

    We are proud to be locally owned and operated -making it possible for prompt response and service for your cleaning needs. We offer a variety of packages, frequency options, including one time, recurring, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly - along with flexible payment arrangement options. 

    F&J Cleaning Family

    What We Do

    Helping Families Maintain Cleaner Homes & Businesses --

    One Professional Cleaning At A Time

    F&J Cleaning specializes in Residential & Commercial | Small Business cleaning offering a wide variety of cleaning packages, frequency options, including custom features/choices to ensure the Cleaning needs of every family can be met. We pride ourselves in offering affordable prices with cleaning(s) that best fit your schedule. You can also enjoy appreciation rewards with our Loyalty and Referral Programs!

    F&J Cleaning Family

    Free Estimate

    Request Your Free Cleaning Service Estimate! 

    If you would like to submit your information for your Commercial or Residential Cleaning needs, please complete our Estimate Survey.




    Once your request and information is received, we will contact you to discuss your cleaning needs!


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    Tripp, SD 57376
    Monday-Friday 9:00AM-6:00PM
    Weekends By Appointment Only
  • FAQ's


    Answers To Most Asked Questions

    What towns do you service?

    We service the Mitchell and Tripp, SD areas.


    Please contact us if you would like to check if your area is one we offer services in!

    What is all included in your service?

    Please  request and review a checklist for the type of cleaning service you are interested in, to receive a detailed list of all the cleaning tasks that are included. 

    What Payments do you accept?

    The payments being accepted at this time are Company Check, Personal Check, and Cash.

    What if I need something not listed in your services?

    We will always do our best to fulfull all of your requests, as long as they are legal and ethical. If for some reason we are unable to accommodate a request, we will do all we can to find someone that will meet your needs.

    What should I do before F&J Cleaning Services arrive?

    To ensure maximum efficiency, we do ask that you pick up any toys, clothing, and any other items that may be on the floor before we arrive. If you have a pet, please make sure that you have them in a place where they are going to be comfortable during the cleaning.

    Do I need to be home for every cleaning service?

    No. Because most of our cleanings are scheduled on an 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. basis, Monday through Friday, most of our clients aren't home when we arrive. Please be sure to let us know your preferred entry instructions prior to your cleaning service time.

  • Testimonials

    See What Others Are Saying



    -Lisa W.

    "Jodi did a thorough job of cleaning and

    in a timely manner. I definitely would recommend

    F&J Affordable Cleaning Services"

    Tara G.

    "We’ve had Jodi do a deep clean and a standard clean

    and both have been great! Love coming home to a clean house!!"


    "F&J Affordable Cleaning service has been very accommodating

    to changing a cleaning day when/if there’s a scheduling conflict.

    They are also very reliable and we can count on them coming on their scheduled days."



    Kalla L.

    "I just wanted to thank you so much.

    I'm a single mom of 3 and you're such a blessing!



    Nikki S.

    Very professional, timely, and affordable.

    Shaqueena C.

    "Thank you. I appreciate that I could depend on you for the bi weekly cleanings,

    everything was always cleaned wonderfully and when I

    spoke with Jodi she was always very polite. Will recommend to anyone."

    Christine A.

    "I was satisfied with the Customer Service provided and did not experience any problem
    accessing the cleaning services available. The time frame provided worked great and I was very
    pleased with the {cleaning] service! "



    Aaryonna N.

    "Jodi is personable and understanding. 

    I think she does a great job and did an awesome job of quoting 

    expected cleaning length when we first started.



    John R.


    "Professional clean on budget friendly payment. Fantastic cleaning service."


    Karen F.


    " I enjoyed coming home to a nice clean house. { It was liked best } that you came on time and did a good job. "


    Jeri M.


    " { It was liked best } that there was great communication and great job cleaning. It was a last minute phone call to see if they could assist me in a cleaning before my graduation party. They not only got me in to get my house cleaned but they offered a competitive price and did a wonderful job."


    Natheal C.


    " { I like best } the price, bring own supplies, and are willing to be flexible. "


    Rebecca C. 


    " { I like best } that [F&J Cleaning] is easy to work with and gets our house looking great! Jodi has been great to work with and we have been very happy with the results! "


    David O.


    " { I like best } the quality of [F&J Cleaning]. Service has been very good, professional, and thorough.

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